David Newton Associates : Consultants for the Conservation and creation of Unique Buildings
About Us
David Newton Associates are passionate about combining the highest standards of design and specification with good management skills to create successful projects, and we pride ourselves in our ability to communicate effectively with all participants in a project’s journey. Underpinning our work is a broad and varied set of skills and experience allied to a deep empathy with the subject and a habit of continuous learning.

We are experienced in working with a wide range of traditional materials and use established conservation principles to find appropriate, sympathetic solutions to the care, repair, adaptation and alteration of historic buildings of all ages from the ancient to the post-industrial.

We have no house style but rather our design work is guided by a thoroughly evolved, detailed briefing process and by the natural and built context of the site to produce high quality sustainable, civilised structures that reflect their own time, place and purpose. Our designs are always influenced by sustainability issues and we gravitate to the use of natural, renewable materials and technologies to create healthy environments.

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