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Projects: 16th century former workshop, Gloucestershire
This former weavers loom workshop and wool loft is a rare survival, now part of the grade II* listed domestic accommodation onto which it attaches. Saved from demolition in 1959 the structural frame had since suffered from inappropriate repairs and maintenance including cementitous infill panels, bituminous paint and cementitous/mastic fill to joints and shakes. Additionally the raising of ground levels over time and the removal of structural members had caused structural instability.

Recent works have reduced ground levels, reinstated the integrity of the structural frame and removed inappropriate materials. Traditional wattle and daub was chosen to replace cementitious infill panels but brick infills were retained, albeit rendered to afford better weatherproofing. Frame repairs were kept to an absolute minimum and haired lime mortar was used to weatherproof worn but otherwise sound joints and shakes.

The workshop before repairs Proposed repairs to the south side
Middle bay before repairs Middle bay after repairs
Proposed post/cillplate repair Proposed frame repair
Repairs under way Recording of exposed joint
Interior after completion Exterior after completion

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